How To Reset Any Router?

How to reset router?

How To Reset Any Router?

Why should I reset my router?

If you have changed and forgotten your modem’s WiFi password or forgot your modem’s interface user name and password, you will need to reset your modem to bring these values back to their default values. ATTENTION! WHEN YOU RESET YOUR MODEM, ALL THE SETTINGS YOU MADE TO YOUR MODEM WILL BE RESET.

How to reset my router?

  1. First of all, find the position of the reset button of your modem. Although it is usually next to the power button, it can sometimes be located in an inconspicuous part of the case. The reset button is usually small. That’s why you might miss it. Be careful.
  2. Press and hold the reset button of your modem for 6 seconds to 30 seconds. (depends on modem model)
  3. Release the button when the lights flash.

Congratulations, you have reset your modem. After you have finished setting up your modem, click here to perform a speed test.

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